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VULNERABLE Means in English and Uses

Today I am going to share about the meaning of the dictionary word Vulnerable. Let us get complete information by reading the Meaning of Vulnerable in English.

VULNERABLE Means in English and Uses :

Meaning of Vulnerable in English -
  •  traumatized.

  •  hypersensitive.
  •   unsafe.
  •   Weak.
  •   defective.
  •   pierce.
  •   painful.
  •   Vedhya.
  •   wounding.

I think by now you must have read the English meaning of Vulnerable briefly and also tried to understand the meaning of this word. Keeping this in mind, we have talked about them in detail below so that you can get all this information quickly and easily and there is no problem in remembering them.

Means of Vulnerable in English and Uses :

description of words -

Injurious, we can associate this word with war, fight or to hurt somewhere. It simply means a place where trauma or injury can be done. It makes it seem to be done on the whole form of a place, person, thing etc. or on a particular part of them.

Example - If you see the word being used for military force, then they will consider it as shocking in such a way that where there is a weak link of the earring in front, which can be broken by bar.

Hypersensitivity, especially relates this meaning to a sensitive creature like a human. There are many people around us, some of them are very sensitive i.e. have more filling than others.

Their feelings are formed and mixed like a bubble of water and it depends on the events happening around them or the ups and downs of life, their happiness and sorrow depend on them. Just by saying something good or bad to someone, I sit happy or sad in a moment.

Insecure, the meaning of this word points us towards where there is a lack of security. Under this, a feeling of insecure about a place, thing, person or work also arises.

Many moments in a person's life come like this or they have to face them even if they don't want to. At this time, at times he starts feeling insecure, which starts revealing disappointment in life.

Weak, it means all those things which can be easily pierced or destroyed. Also know those who do not use too much power to eliminate them. Under this, anything like a weak person physically or mentally, an object which can be easily made or destroyed and any place etc.

- Faulty, if we consider it to be related to spirituality, then we try to understand it by example. The horoscopes, constellations etc. things related to astrology are different for each person around us or associated with us. In the midst of these, those people are also present whose some defects are also found in the horoscope or constellation. We have taken only one example here, there can be countless such.

their effects -

Shocking, although we used it for war. Now let's talk about its effect. When at the time of battle, that weak part of the ball is found in front where they can be defeated by hitting. When action is taken after understanding all the options with complete planning.

Since all this is a well thought out decision. That is, there are also chances of its spreading. If everything goes right then success will kiss you, otherwise you will have to face defeat. Due to this, one has to be always ready to face both the situations.

The direct effect of its victory and defeat will have to be faced by the country in the form of positive or negative consequences. There can be many examples of this word.

Susceptible, there is a person who is more affected by emotions than others or says that he has the right of filling and his life is going on from that. The life of this type of person is very much affected by the ups and downs that means suddenly being happy in moments of happiness and on the contrary becoming happy at the time of sorrow.

This becomes a habit of such a person. Looking at their effect, if a person takes a decision based on emotions without taking care of his mind and circumstances, then in most cases the result is only negative, which will not be proved at all for a good future. Decisions taken due to sensitive affect our society to a level.

Insecure, when a person keeps feeling insecure or bad about something more than necessary, people, things etc., then its effect is seen on his behavior. If the insecurity is not real, yet if it does this continuously, then people can also declare it insane by seeing it from a different point of view.

If such a person is not really involved in these kinds of things, then what will be the effort to develop. All these things will not allow the society and the country to progress by creating obstacles in the progress.

- Weak, a person is physically or mentally incapable, in both the cases there will be an effect. For example, being physically incapacitated will have the effects of working with the body. On the contrary, a mentally weak person does not know his strength, he likes to live only in a limited circle and progress from this is far-fetched.

There are many such examples around us who are physically incapacitated but created history by making themselves strong at the mental level. These feelings prove to be very effective in taking the country forward.

their use -

Traumatic, use this word for a place where injury can be done to make its work.

- Hypersensitive, use words to express the effect of emotions at a higher level.

- Insecure, the feeling of insecurity that is real or imaginary, is used in both situations.

Weak, use the word to show that oneself or others are considered inferior on physical or mental level.

I hope you must have read all the meanings of this word in details from this post "Vulnerable Meaning" in Hindi meaning of Vulnerable. Apart from these, many frequently asked questions have been tried to explain What is the Meaning of Vulnerable in English. Do comment us your suggestions.

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