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OBSESSED Meaning in English and Explain

Today in this post we will understand the Hindi meaning of Obsessed in details. So let's read the meaning of Obsessed in Hindi.

OBSESSED Meaning in English and Explain :

Meaning of Obsessed in English - 

 Obsessed with.
  - Infatuated.
  - Captivated.
  - In tune.

I hope you must have come to know about the above given Hindi meanings which are given briefly in one line. Do you need to know the described forms of all their meanings, if you consider it necessary, then you should go ahead and read the post completely.

What is the Means of Obsessed in English :

know all the meanings -

Passionate, it will help us to know something like Laila-Majnu's love or passion for some big goal, thing or something different. We can take them in the category of passion. Obsession can happen to anyone and anyone. It will completely depend on the desire of the person in front.

Example - We see many people around us in everyday life, they are busy with full time for their work or any exam preparation. In this way we can see many people immersed in passion. Both forms of this word have been seen in good and bad. As effective as it is for its good, it can also be responsible for causing harm.

The meaning of the word attached is to become so attached to a person, thing or something that it seems to express this by being attached to it and working with it and not being able to stay away from it. Whether the person likes it or not, he remains connected in both the situations. He becomes etc. to any person, object.

eg. - Having someone smoke, drink or have a bad addiction. On the contrary, having some goodness to which persistence without worrying about the consequences is a sign of attachment.

Captivated, the matter of doing something, person or something settles in the mind. The person possessed by the mind appears to behave almost like an obsessive and an enamored. This behavior of the mind, moving forward with love, passion, enthusiasm, remains engrossed in its fun, as if it has taken some breath.

- In dhun, this word means in many ways similar to that of passion, the only difference is that in passion the man is at least aware of the surrounding events, but in the dhun the condition of the man is a person immersed in a vein. becomes like.

Means he gets so engrossed in his work that he does not even know the news around him and puts everything at stake for his destination or whatever he wants to achieve.

their effects -

If a passionate person wants, he can make a big change and these changes can take society, family and its related relations very far, but its effect is as much for the betterment as it is when it comes down to wrong or negativity. Makes them in very bad condition.
Its effect gives rise to terrible consequences in both the situations, whether it is wrong or good, due to which the effect is visible on every person and society associated with it.

Being attached is neither completely bad or good, in both cases its results can be seen. Mostly it takes the word effectively to the common man in effect and its surroundings e.g. Too full too. Many people have been seen trapped in this society and relations, it will be any situation or thing from which they are not able to get rid of even if they want to.

In this way, two conditions were seen, first that the person is behaving in the form of attachment intentionally or secondly he is facing a bad situation.

- Many other names have been seen for Manograhit. When a man is behaving with the mind, then he is constantly distanced himself from the society and remains lost in his own world and does not even try to move away from it. This circumstance also means in common man who is leading a normal life. It is visible to a great extent in it.

The person suffering from dust does not care about his surroundings. It reveals a lot of changes as he rides his life. It is responsible for both the situation. All this gives a lot to the society, on the contrary, it starts having a very different attitude towards that person. With all this happening with Dhun Sabar, he has to bear all this bad too.

its uses -

The meaning of passion is suitable for the one who is always sensitive about something and is trying hard to change it. We will keep all those in the category who are striving for some change or have also made a lot of changes. This includes business man, worker, scientist etc.

We are able to know the attached meaning as if someone is stuck, no matter what can happen in work, situation or relationship. In this circumstance, he feels trapped in his heart.

- The use of occult is expressed to be possessed by the mind or to be in the control of the mind.

The use of the word dhun is used to express the engrossment in work, along with the person who is actually involved in making any changes or shows that person who should be absorbed only in his work without paying attention to the surroundings.

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