Wednesday, 23 June 2021

How to Apply for GTBank domiciliary account

How to Register for a GTBANK Domicile Account - The Gtbank Domicile Account is a forex bank account. This may also be called a dorm account. Trust Bank Domicile Account is guaranteed to be one of the best hostel account services in Nigeria.

Gtbank Domicile account in three denominations; Pound based hostel accounts, dollars and euros. The type of currency you provide is based on what you choose when filling out the application.

The Hostel account allows you to accept payments from overseas clients or customers. Nigerian blogger uses it to get paid from Google.

Hostel accounts are useful for travelers regularly traveling abroad. You can be interesting without the fear of the $100 monthly limit set by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

In this article, you will learn how to open a Gtibank Domicile account and open an account.

Requirements for Opening a GTBank Domiciliary account:

Below are everything you need to do to open a hostel account with Bank Trust Guaranteed Nigeria;
Valid ID card Gtbank accepts all forms of identification;
Nigerian National Identity Card
The old National Identity Card should be valid.
Valid Driver's License.
permanent voter card
international passport
At least one 3-month bank utility bill used it to confirm your home address. Trust banks are guaranteed to receive the following utility bills;
phone bill.
bill waste management
electricity bill.
bill water support

Your passport passport passport photo is required. Any color background can be accepted.
Two referees. You need two referees to stand in the guarantee. Both referees must have a current account of at least 6 months in Nigeria. Every bank referee can support you, but GTB bank referee will be better.

In the opening process, two referees you will fill out and sign the form. Banks will ask two of your referees to confirm if they know and actually fill out the documents for you.

Now, if your referee comes from another bank, GTBank will ask their bank to confirm whether their account has been extended for six months or not. This process usually takes time as it involves communication with various banks.

Therefore, if two of your referees come from GTBank, the bank will only call your referees to confirm they know and fill out the form. They will enter your database to see how long the account has been running. This is something that can be confirmed in 5 minutes, whereas it cannot be confirmed when communicating with other banks.

How to Open a GTBank Domiciliary account:

Visit any gtbank branch and create a hostel account opening form. fill in correctly. Give your two referees to fill in your share. Send to the bank with the above requirements.
Gtbank is free to open a domicile account and you can withdraw all funds on the account at any time.

GT Bank will send your account number within 24 hours. You can login to the GTBANK internet banking platform to view Account Balance or GTB Bank Dollar MasterCard Requests.

When you transfer from your hostel account to another GTBank hostel account, gtbank will charge you. When you do interbank transactions, they will also charge you.

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