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Dvdwap – All Full HD Indian, South, Malayalam Movies

Dvdwap – All Full HD Movies: If you are interested in South Indian movies, you can consider Dvdwap as the best platform for watching all your favorite South Indian movies. Apart from this, you will not need to pay anything to watch movies here; this is a torrent site that gives completely free movie streaming. Moreover, it lets its users watch every latest movie anywhere and at any time on mobile or PC.

It is the best option for every movie lover to watch HD movies for free. With this, you can also save your money and time. Dvdwap allows you to download movies at high speed as well as HD quality. There are even many torrent sites online, which is the best to watch all Southindian movies of Dvdwap.

Dvdwap – All Full HD Indian, South, Malayalam Movies:

About Dvdwap:

This Dvdwap is one of the online free movie streaming websites. Even as it is a site providing many movies online, Dvdwap is at the forefront of providing South Indian movies instantly illegally. Therefore, it can be the best platform for every South Indian and South Indian movie fan. This is because it contributes to all Bollywood, Tollywood movies in HD formats.

Along with this, it also allows you to watch Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil movies, web series, TV shows on PC apart from your mobile.

The Dvdwap site has a beautiful interface that you can access very easily on your device. Apart from this, you are also able to find the material you need within a few seconds.

Along with movies, you can download in addition to watching Mp3 songs on the Dvdwap site.

Available sections on Dvdwap:

In Dvdwap, you get to watch different categories of movies in different languages with a beautiful interface. It makes it easy for its users to extract the movies of their choice with the help of these categories. Let's go down and see what categories are available on the home page.

  • Dvdwap new movies, 
  • Dvdwap malayalam movies 2018, 
  • Arjun reddy full movie download dvdwap, 
  • Dvdwap fun, 
  • Dvdwap malayalam movie download, 
  • Dvdwap tamil movie download, 
  • Dvdwap index, 
  • Dvdwap kannada, 
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  • Dvdwap net

Leaked movies by Dvdwap:

Dvdwap site is a notorious torrent site for leaking South Indian new movies instantly from theatres. It is illegally leaking various latest movies, web series, mp3 songs, etc. Not only this, but it also leaks every hit movie of theaters on its site for free. Let us read below which movies or web series have been leaked on Dvdwap recently.

  • Vaara
  • kaand
  • Anna2
  • Code of thieves
  • power star
  • 36 vayasulo
  • Shivan
  • french biryani
  • Debt collector
  • Shakuntala Devi
  • Masti's
  • Yaara and more
  • Dia

How to download movies on Dvdwap?

Dvdwap has a beautiful interface with movies in multiple languages. Along with this, it also has a movie genre, due to which you can easily find your favorite movie within a few seconds. 

You can download each of your favorite movies, web series, and TV shows in different formats like 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p. Still, downloading movies through Dvdwap site is not a difficult task. If you are visiting the Dvdwap site for the first time, you have to follow some steps to download the movie without any hassle.

First of all, you find a working Dvdwap domain.

Then, you have to enter the name of the movie in the search bar of Dvdwap with the help of categories of your choice.

After that, you choose the size and format of that content like- 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p.

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After this, you will see the download page of the process.

Now click on the download link that appears. Then you will be able to watch it on your mobile anytime with HD quality.

Is Dvdwap legal or not?

No, this Dvdwap site is a kind of online illegal movie streaming site. It is a notorious torrent site online to get newly released movies on the device itself for free. 

Due to this, its illegal and free pirated content is attracting people; however, the illegal distribution of this Dvdwap site affected the box office collection and the entire film industry.

Why is Dvdwap not accessing my country?

There are many online sites out there for illegally contributing free movies, songs, the latest web series, popular TV shows. Dvdwap is one of them; it provides many collections of movies in different languages ​​for the users. In addition, he continues to update your website with the latest pirate movies. Moreover, this illegal site attracts people with their free services.

However, all these sites are like Dvdwap all affect the film industry and filmmakers. Hence, the government has decided to stop all these illegal sites. ISPs also limit some sites in many countries due to copyright issues, Dvdwap is also one.

How to unblock Dvdwap?

Dvdwap is the best site to leak movies illegally. It contributes to many free pirate movies for the users. Thousands of people often visit this site to watch and download their favorite movies for free. But this Dvdwap illegal site affects the entire film industry. 

Therefore, the government has limited this site due to piracy problems. So, if this is a problem in your country, don't fret, as you can get around it again using a good VPN. Let's see how to unblock.

step1: First, you need to download the VPN application on your cellphone or PC.

step2: After installation, you need to open the VPN software on your device and choose the IP address of your country where DVDWAP is not restricted.

step3: After changing the IP address, you can visit the official DVDWAP website with detailed movie truth.

By using this VPN application, it will make your IP address and data safe from hackers.

Alternatives to Dvdwap:


YesMovies is a free online movie contribution site. It provides more than 50000 movies, web series, TV shows, mp3 songs, documents available on your website. So, you can watch all your favorite movies with Unlimited. Plus, if you miss it, so they watch it on your TV, you can watch all your favorite TV series on YesMovies. So, you can watch all your favorite episodes in HD on Yavies for free.

It will surely love streaming with HD quality and high speed.


FilmiMe is another free torrent site in torrent freaks. This has contributed to the truthfulness of the Broad Songs in Film, Show, HD. Moreover, it allows you to watch and download your favorite star movies instead of going to the theatres. It leaked all the new movies released on your website.

So, make your choice on your mobile or PC anytime, anywhere on your cellphone or PC.

3. 123movies

If you are a movie fan, then you are used to 123movies online. Because 123 movies online streaming sites are free from free movies. Its huge popularity of your regular users. Thousands of new people often visit this site to try and download your favorite movies for free.

Moreover, you can watch and download TV series, web series, mp3 songs in 123 movies with high quality and high speed.

4. 123mkv

123 MKV is one of the popular movie streaming sites. It leaked many Bollywood movies, Hollywood, Tollywood movies. Moreover, you can watch all your favorite TV shows, web series on 123 MKV. No need to subscribe and register to watch and download movies.

However, there are beautiful interfaces with multiple collections of movies in different languages. So, you can easily capture all your important movies on 123 MKV in seconds.

5. 9xmovies

9xmovies is an amazing torrent site to watch all the latest movies in different languages. There are many collections of popular web series, tv shows, movies, and mp3 songs on the lawn. Also, you can watch Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood movies in HD quality like 36p, 480p, 720p, 1080p format.

In addition, you can watch and download Punjabi movies on 9xmovies.

Disclaimer :

We ( do not aim to promote or condone piracy in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. This page aims to inform the general public about piracy and encourage them to be safe from such acts. We further request you not to encourage or engage in piracy in any form.


I hope this guide on Dvdwap and its alternatives will be helpful for all those who haven't access to Dvdwap. Here we only provided information about Dvdwap. Do not encourage and promote any kind of pirated and unauthorized sites. This site is illegal; you should also stay away from them.

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