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Mission Dictionary Word in English with Examples

How are you all friends I hope everyone is living a great life. Today we will discuss the mission of the dictionary, under which we will try to explain the small and detail description of each word by example.

Hopefully, when you read the entire article, then all the information will sit in your mind because we have explained all the notes with short attention to detail and their effect and usage, which will help you to a great extent. Let us move quickly by not talking too much.

Mission Dictionary Word in English with Examples :

Mission Word in English :


To my mind, by now you have learned all the short meanings from above with examples and have used them in many places. When it has been read by you, it must have been memorized in the mind quickly or it must have been used well in its places of need.

But the more easily they are remembered here, the sooner our brain forgets them. Due to all these things, we wrote the entire article where we told all the meanings by example, which, once read, they remember it easily for a long time. Now we know fast.

What is the Means of Dictionary word in English Explain : 

Know each meaning well - 

If we see the goal, friends, we all, as human beings on this earth, constantly try to do something good. There are more people to win here, the more different they want. Friends, according to their wishes and goals, they are constantly trying to get them using their minds and thoughts.

Some people try and change life completely, and some leave them in the middle way. For example, when you had to buy a car, then you work continuously by making a vajat.

- Work, friends, we have discussed this word many times before, that all the people present here have to do some work to run their house. People in the society here, due to their environment in life because of being associated with different things from childhood, they like to do different things in life. It is also seen by him that what he will get from the end of this work. Most of the youth of today continue to do their work on their own free will.

We can know this by taking inspiration as inspiration. We can get this inspiration from a story or from the people around us. Friends, with this different form, it tells about the different effect on each human being to do different work.

There is a lot of inspiration all around, but things will change in life only when you take them in your mind and try in life. Friends, you must have seen many examples every day. We will discuss more on this further.

Know all meanings with effect - 

-Goals, we have already discussed a lot, but here we understand some of the effects on different aspects. Friends, all the human beings present here definitely make small or big goals in their life. Which helps to change his life. For example, a person wants to get some things in his life, for that he keeps working night and day.

If that work is done well, then there is happiness in life, but even after much hard work and work, his dreams are not fulfilled, then he breaks down and gets disappointed in life. Similarly, good or bad effects can be seen over time.

Work, Friends As mentioned above, all human beings have to do some work to maintain their life or to fulfill their daily needs. According to the thoughts and wishes of all humans, they continue to do different types of work.

According to these work, they get results, although these results can be good and bad. Which makes all the humans present here feel good or bad. You will get to experience them all the way around yourself.

- Inspiration, friends, it can be seen as an inspiration to do something. Here, work can be good or bad, which continuously shows its effect on the family and society in both the situations. If seen, there are people of many minds around us, who would have taken Gindi in a different direction by putting an impact on different directions on your thoughts. Today, the big changes seen in society can be seen through them. Must have read the discussion above.

Know their usage - 

Goal, every person present here works on some things to do good in his life, this is what this thing tells.

Work, we all continue to work to do things from morning till evening. Can understand it very well.

- Inspiration, it shows the motivation to do something in life which everyone definitely gets from somewhere.

Friends, I hope that all of you have read this post completely and have all the things sitting in your mind. If you have benefited from this, then let us know by commenting below so that we can get encouragement or keep bringing new posts ahead. If you have something in your mind, then send us a message and say, we will surely give you a reply. Continue to join us and get new articles and share this post with your friends and also help them. Let us now appear again with new information.

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