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Miracle Meaning in English with All Examples

In today's post, Miracle will explain the use and effects of each by linking different forms of the word to the things on the left side and summarizing them briefly with examples. Once the entire article is read from beginning to end, we will try to explain the discussion on each aspect.

In the very old times, they have tried to tell the relationship of their society and the state of the country very well by small and big ideas in the article. Hope this helps you a lot. Now, we do not spend too much time and start to learn more quickly.

Miracle Meaning in English with All Examples :

Miracle Means in English : 


Friends, by now, knowing all the forms of the short meanings mentioned above, you must have used them in many places. Here these small meanings must have got the benefit that these small meanings can be used in many places by remembering the mind very easily.

But one of the problems in them is that the brain forgets them very soon. We wrote this big article to solve this problem, which will solve all your questions. Let's read the entire article without spending much time.

What is the Explain of Miracle in English :

Get to know all the meanings very well - 

Surprise, friends, there will be no need to tell you that because everyone must have experienced it in their life. Now if we throw a little light on this word, we will find that when some kind of incident happens around us or in the society that affects the mind of the people completely, which gives different kinds of experiences.

You must have been reading such news every day or at the level of the country, this news would be easily available from the news paper, media and TV, etc. apart from mobile. You must have felt many experiences from the old times till now.

Miracle, I think there will be no need to tell you anything about this word because you must have been seeing these things all around since your childhood. You can know this by taking two forms, first of all many wizards who used to make money by showing their magic in public.

All this is a game of eyes, but today such magic has happened very rarely. On the other hand, today there are many positive powers which affect every human being. Every person present here must have experienced them at some time or the other.

Karma, we all as human beings on this earth are connected with many things and in order to run life continuously, money is needed in everyday life, which everyone has to work here to get.

There can be different forms of work, which is carried out by every human being present here, living his life by doing different kinds of work and carrying his family. Friends, it is also believed that in this Kali-yuga, only karma is enough; its direction only produces results. 

Know the effect of each meaning - 

- Surprisingly, friends, we have discussed this word above a lot, but here some effects will be known that surprise everyone due to the nearby Bali incidents. Just as all things have good or bad effects, the result of this word affects all people differently. However, some have a bad effect on others for the same thing. If seen, time varies, due to which their effects also affect differently. 

- Miracles, friends. Many of us live on this earth. Many types of good and bad miracles are seen here from time to time. They show their effect in both the directions. Just as there are good powers, there are also bad things that come under the influence of every human being present. It does not have the same effect on everyone. Some humans believe it and some do not trust them.

- Karma, Karma is considered the most prominent in this era. Every person present here does karma whether they are good or bad. It is said that the fruit of karma is to suffer, which affects all life in good or bad forms. For a person to live a life, he has to do karma for the things he needs. Some people do something wrong and some people do the right thing. Effects on society and country are seen in both directions.

Know all the meanings - 

Surprise, a sudden occurrence in life, shows astonishment. We know about it under this.

- Miracles, any kind of magic that gives direction to life or people. It can be understood by this.

- Karma is done to bring results by doing things in life. Let's understand it this way.

Friends, I hope you have read all the articles by now and know all the information very well. If you got a little benefit, then tell us your experiences through comments so that you can give better information in the upcoming articles. Follow us and share with friends and help them. There is some advice or suggestion in your mind, whoever tells us, we will be present again with the change in the new post. Let us now meet again with a new post.

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